Way In Building & Civil Construction


Construction foremen are responsible for supervising every niche of a job .Strong abilities to work with, supervise and advocate for employees ensure that crews begin work on time, finish within designated time and understand and adhere to safety standards and regulations to optimize the operations aspect of the bottom line. 

Offsite Responsibilities

Not all of a foreman’s work is performed takes place. A construction foreman is also responsible for various types of office work. He/she is responsible for creating a work schedule to make sure that different parts of the job are completed in a specific order.

A best foreman is able to identify those areas of a project most at risk of dragging a project behind schedule and taking necessary corrective action to ensure that projects stay on schedule and are completed by or ahead of the deadline.

Organizational Duties

Construction foremen perform various duties vital to the organizational efficiency of a work site. The ability to read, follow sketches and blueprints and make suggestions about changes whenever it is necessary. The ability to work well with private vendors and other outside departments and agencies to make sure every aspect of the project is covered and stays on schedule for completion is another important element.


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